7 June 2017 - Extraordinary General Meeting at 7.30pm

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held at the Club on Wednesday 24 May at 7.30pm to give members the opportunity to vote for proposed changes in the Club Rules. The proposed rule changes can be viewed here and a copy of thew new Club Rules can be viewed here.

1 May 2016 - Appointment of General Manager

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Bessent as the General Manager of North Holmwood Sports Club with effect from 1st May 2016. Reporting to the Committee, Mark will now take on, amongst others, the following responsibilities:

- the day-to-day running of the club
- club hire bookings
- ensuring the upkeep of the grounds
- co-ordination of clubhouse maintenance
- overseeing of clubhouse refurbishment
- liaison with the brewery and other key suppliers
- management of bar personnel
- the day-to-day accounts and other financial matters

In short, the vast majority of activities previously required of the Committee members. Thus allowing the committee to concentrate on decision making and future planning of the club. The Bar committee will still be responsible for bar affairs, and Mark will report to them on the same basis, as he will the Executive Committee. The new GM can be contacted with any questions, suggestions and feedback in respect of the above duties, as follows:

Email: manager.nhsc@gmail.com
Tel. 07736 328 947

We trust that you will all welcome this decision, as well as the appointment of Mark in this role. The Committee believe the appointment of a General Manager to be a vital step in the development of the Club, and Mark, the ideal person to fulfill the role.

His services will be invoiced to the club, thus avoiding the club's liability for any PAYE, Employer National Insurance contributions, Pension contributions and redundancy payments.

The service agreement with Mark provides for a six monthly review, and for monthly reporting to the Committee.

In accordance with the club's rules Mark has, with immediate effect, relinquished the role of a Treasurer. The Committee will therefore need to replace him in this role. In the meantime, the Vice-Chairman will take on the responsibilities of Treasurer. If anyone would like to take up this, now much less onerous, position we would welcome their approach/nomination.

If you have any questions, concern or comment, please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Kidd, Chairman, email chairman.nhsc@gmail.com

17 April 2016 - New Club President

After many years as President, Andy Anderson has now stepped down from this position within NHSC. We would like to thank him for his many years of dedication to the club and it's activities. We are therefore pleased to welcome Derek Grant as the new President of the club.