9 February 2021
Dear Members
Much time has passed since our last communication but we felt it time we bring you up to date on the current situation of the club, and assure you that we, your elected committee, continue to work in the background to ensure that the club and its finances are well maintained.

Membership for 2021:
We would normally request membership subs be paid in January; however, due to the current situation, the Committee has agreed that the 2021 membership year will commence once we reopen. This means that, whether you have or choose to pay now via our website - http://www.northholmwood.com/membership.html, or wait till we reopen, your yearly membership will start from the date we reopen and not the date you pay.

AGM and Finances:
At this point in the year we would normally hold our AGM. As this isn't possible we will postpone this until we have reopened. If you have any concerns or questions, our emails are still monitored and we will answer as soon as we can. As part of the AGM we would share our financial statement for the previous year (ending 31st October 2020). Please contact Chairman Dan Lane (chairman.nhsc@gmail.com) or Vice Chairman Jake Richmond (vicechair.nhsc@gmail.com) to obtain a copy of the 2020 Financial Statement.

Clearly, 2021 will be extremely challenging for the club. As such, your continued support will be invaluable and very much appreciated. As it is the club's Centenary year, it is hoped there will be ample opportunity in the 2nd half of the year to celebrate.

If you have any queries please contact either me (chairman.nhsc@gmail.com), Vice Chairman, Jake Richmond (vicechair.nhsc@gmail.com) or a committee member.

Regards Dan Lane NHSC Chair, on behalf of The Committee

16 October 2020
Dear Members
We are pleased to report that our member of staff is no longer in isolation and is in good health.

We are reopening this Friday and continuing with the opening hours as below, and showing live football as usual:
Friday 4 - 10
Saturday 1 - 10
Sunday 1 - 7
Monday 7 - 10
Wednesday 7 - 10

Please note it is a legal requirement that you sign in to the track and trace book, that it is table service only, and that masks must be worn when not seated. Last orders will be at 9:20pm on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

We would like to inform you all that Jon Bell is no longer working for North Holmwood Sports Club. We hope you will join the Committee in wishing him good luck in his next steps.

The Committee

9 October 2020
Dear Members
What a week! Let us begin with the most important message: our staff member is doing well! Thank you all for your messages and well wishes!

We know our posts were widely shared, with some speculation as to what was fact or fiction. If you hear a rumour and it hasn't been posted by us then it is best to take it with a pinch of salt as it may be false information. If you're unsure, then just message us and we will answer as best we can.

Before reopening this summer we assessed the risks in line with government guidance, adopted measures such as enhanced cleaning and one way systems, and had it checked by Environmental Health to give us assurance our approach was sound. We check it weekly to ensure it is kept up to date and robust. When the rules changed, we changed too.

A part time member of staff tested positive but displayed no symptoms at all. It was a shock to us, but we responded promptly and carefully, liaising with Public Health England and the NHS on our approach which they deemed as exemplary. All our staff and committee have isolated and been tested - all results confirmed as negative. This was no outbreak. We used the track and trace book to inform all those who were at our venue - the responsible approach for such incidents and it worked. We are deep cleaning our venue and using the time to once again review these measures and using this incident as an opportunity to learn.

Our measures prevented further infection, which is exactly what they are designed to do. We ask everyone to be careful, mature and sensible during these times and to adhere to the rules that hospitality venues have in place as they are there to safeguard you and everyone else, and they work!

We will reopen soon, and we will continue to monitor local outbreaks and cases to ensure we act carefully and promptly, but most importantly to act in the best interests of our staff and our members.

Be safe, and we will see you again soon.
The Committee

5 October 2020
Dear Members
Please note a member of staff has tested positive for Coronavirus. We are working with Public Health England on the necessary steps we must now take. If you visited the Club on Saturday 26th September (5pm-10pm) or Sunday 27th September (2pm-7pm) and were in direct contact with/served by our staff you must follow the NHS guidelines.
- Isolate for 14 days from the last day of contact (ie from 26th September).
- Get a test if you develop 1 or more symptoms.
- You will be texted on Tuesday 6 October if you signed in to our Track and Trace book on one of these days.

The Committee

25 September 2020
Dear Members
Our opening hours have been amended to conform with the Government's new rules and are shown on our home page.

Please remember to wear your face mask when entering the club and it can only be removed when you are sat at your table. They must be worn when leaving the table, playing pool, darts or on the machines.

Please don't forget that everyone by law must sign in for Track and Trace measures or scan the QR code. Groups are limited to six maximum [including children].

There will be table service available only, no ordering at the bar.

Regarding the 10pm closure, last orders will be at 9.20 and everyone must be off the premises so the club can be locked up to conform with the new government rules.

Keep safe
The Committee

21 July 2020
Dear members
Thank you all who have turned up and enjoyed the reopening of the clubhouse!

This coming weekend (24-26 July) we are allowing members to bring a guest and extending our opening times as follows:
Friday 3pm-9pm, however if we are busy enough we will stay open till 10pm.
Saturday 2pm-10pm. We will be showing one or two of the last Premier League games and we have a cricket match. If that isn't enough, our very own Chairman will have a BBQ going from 3pm. At 17:30 we will show the Dorking Wanderers semi-final against Weymouth.
On Sunday we will remain as 12-6pm

We will also open the play area for children.
(Please note that the equipment will not be cleaned between use so hands will need to be thoroughly washed and sanitised after use. We ask that children are supervised when using the equipment.)

The Committee

17 July 2020
Dear members
Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far, it has been great seeing so many of you enjoy our wonderful grounds.

We have been working on how we can best use the clubhouse space and start indoor trading again, and this weekend we will open the clubhouse for members to sit.

We will open Friday 3-9, Saturday 2-8 and Sunday 12-6.

Indoors is currently limited to approximately 40 due to the layout of tables and allowing for walkways. We may have a few additional rules such as well behaved children allowed indoors with parental supervision, and members not standing or sitting at the bar. We ask you take a seat at one of the tables and will offer table service instead of you approaching the bar. We ask that no one stands watching the screens or chats in the walkways.

If the bar is full you will be asked to remain outside until a table becomes available and ask for your patience and cooperation. Drinks will continue to be served outside. The entrance to the club remains unchanged - please continue to enter at the car park and exit via the front door.

We are still operating a cashless bar and looking to get the member-card swiper fixed soon.

We know some may find our approach too cautious but be assured safety for our staff and members is our priority and our aim is to safely reopen for all of our members to enjoy the club.

If you have any comments or concerns please reply to this email and a member of the committee will respond.

The Committee

9 July 2020
Dear members
Following the reopening last weekend we have made some slight changes to update you on:
On Sunday we will open and close earlier. Our revised hours are as follows:- Friday 3-9pm
Saturday 2-8pm with a cricket friendly being played
Sunday 12-6pm

We have put picnic benches on the patio for you to use which will be cleaned between use, however if you're unsure if these are clean please ask a member of staff to confirm.

Please be mindful that Government guidelines state only two households in a bubble can share a table.

We shall relax the one-way system for the toilets during quieter hours - if there is a queue please adhere to leaving via the front door and returning by the car-park gate for the safety of both you and others. The car park gate remains as the entrance to the premises.

We are also working on the layout for indoor seating which we hope will commence from Friday 17th July. More details will be provided soon however the clubhouse remains out of bounds for this weekend.

For now we will continue to run this for members only.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend, and please remember to bring a lidded container if you want takeaway beer.

Stay safe and see you soon
The Committee

2 July 2020
Dear members
Following the Government announcement we are pleased to confirm that we will also be opening the outside field from Saturday 4th July 2020 at reduced hours and serving beer and snacks for consumption on the premises. Our opening hours for the first two weeks of opening will be:-
Monday - Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 2pm-8pm
Sunday: 2pm-8pm

Toilets will be open, however these will be limited to a 1 in, 1 out policy with queuing on the patio. The rest of the clubhouse will be closed whilst we review government guidelines and safety measures. Due various restrictions and measures that we must implement, we are opening with the following rules and restrictions in place. These are to ensure the safeguarding of members and staff and are mandatory.

1) Opening times are limited to Friday 3pm-9pm, Saturday 2pm-8pm and Sunday 2pm-8pm. All visitors must have left the premises by 30 minutes past the closing time as a maximum.

2) Access to premises is restricted to paid members and those members who owe no membership debt to North Holmwood Sports Club at the date of entry
a. Should membership fees be unpaid, the committee have agreed to waive the 5 late-payment fee.
b. Memberships debts owed remain at the full price of January 2020, and are not discounted.

3) Members' guests are not permitted at this time.

4) Members are required to sign in at entry to comply with Track and Trace measures. This includes full names, addresses, a valid contact phone number and email addresses of all persons entering
a. This information will be stored for 21 days and then securely destroyed.
b. This detail is not permitted to be used for any purposes other than track and trace, and ensuring membership records are up to date with the correct contact information

5) Members must wear a facemask when ordering drinks or using toilet facilities on the premises.

6) Members are not permitted in to any part of the clubhouse (other than toilets) at any time. The children's play area will remain closed until further notice.

7) Temporary memberships are halted until further notice.

8) Children (under 16) must be supervised by their parent, guardian or adult member of support bubble at all times.

9) Social distancing of 2 metres must be upheld at all times.

10) By entering the premises (including car park, clubhouse toilets and playing fields), all members agree to comply with these mandatory rules.

11) The car park bays will be limited with adequate space between cars to minimise transmission.

12) Entry to the club will be clearly signposted. This is via the car park gates next to the garages and not at the front door due to the bottleneck at the toilets this causes.

13) Furniture will not be provided at this current time to limit the risk of transmission, therefore please bring your own chairs or blankets.

14) Takeaway will be offered for consumption off the premises in sealed containers, however these containers must be provided by the customer.

15) Your rubbish is your responsibility. Please use one of the many bins provided to dispose of your rubbish.

16) All payments must be made by debit card. No cash will be accepted.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be provided with one official warning. Should further breaches be witnessed, membership shall be revoked at the discretion of the committee (with no refund).

Please note that if demand is too high there is potential that we will to limit the amount of people allowed in, but we will review these rules, the limiting of numbers, and the reopening of the clubhouse after a period of two weeks.

We appreciate that some of the appeal is our live sports and be assured the Committee are reviewing all possibilities to allow for the safe viewing of live sports outside.

On a final note we want to thank you for your patience and commitment at this time. We have not decided these measures lightly but your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you soon.

The Committee

1 June 2020
Dear members
We hope you are all safe and well at this strange and stressful time.

Since the club closed it's doors in March a small number of volunteers have been decorating, cleaning and maintaining the grounds and clubhouse ready for when we reopen. The clubhouse exterior, benches and the fencing have been painted, new benches constructed and the children's play area completed and ready for your young ones to enjoy once it is safe to do so. The maintenance of the grounds has also been upheld to the high standard we all know. In addition, the roof and patios have been jet washed clean.

Where possible our stock was returned to the brewery to minimise waste and recieve some monies back. Our loans and outgoings have been reduced or paused to minimise expenditure whilst the club has been closed, and we have successfully negotiated a government grant to help fund the remaining outgoings. We have also explored options for takeaway or serving drinks on the grounds but unfortunately these were not viable for financial and licencing reasons.

When we reopen we do not know what measures we will need to put in place to ensure we can safeguard both our staff and yourselves, but be assured we will continue to put the club's best interests at the heart of what we do.

In the meantime we ask for you to give us your ideas for when we reopen. What would you like on the social calendar? What would you like more, or less of? What can we do for you? This is your club and we encourage you to be vocal and share your ideas.

The committee thank you for your continued support of the club, and thank all those who have volunteered recently on the upkeep of the clubhouse and grounds.

We hope to see you all soon

NHSC Committee

November 2019
We are delighted to announce that Stewart Clark, a club member for the past six years, has agreed to become the Club Secretary with immediate effect. As Stewart is still in full-time employment, his wife Mandy has also agreed to assist with the role. I am sure everyone wishes both Stewart and Mandy every success with this important Club Officer role.

We can also confirm that Mark Bessent is stepping down as the club's General Manager with immediate effect. He will also be relinquishing the Treasurer role as soon as a replacement is found.

In order to safeguard the smooth running of the club moving forward, Mark has agreed to continue providing accounts and administrative support, at least for the time being. This means that, for the foreseeable future, Mark will still be making a positive contribution to the club; however, this will be in a support capacity rather than a lead role.
Mark says... "It has been an honour to serve the club since February 2013 as Treasurer, initially finding ways to pull NHSC back from the 'brink' and then helping to move it forward to a much healthier place. In taking on the General Manager role, I feel these past 3.5 years have been a success and the club is in a much stronger position for it. Having been a member for over 30 years, I'm now looking forward to going to the club for a 'beverage' as a regular member again. See you up there!"

August 2019 - Children' Playground Update
Thanks to the additional £398 raised by the raffle held at Dorkfest and the Club's Committee generously pledging to match '£1 for £1' the amount in total that has been raised to date, this brings the NEW total to just over £8,000 - this support is massively appreciated. This has meant we have been able to start preparations for the new playground and order the new equipment. A big 'THANK YOU' to everyone who has contributed!

Dan Lane (Vice Chairman) and his team, has almost finished transforming the playground areas. They initially spent some of their own time and resources cleaning and tidying up the area, before preparing the site in earnest, including:
- installing picket fencing around the cricket pitch and planters
- creating an defined area on artificial turf for 5-aside football, basketball and netball (where the crickets nets used to be) for member's older children, surrounded by mid-height fencing/mesh
- the laying of bark in adjacent areas where there had been stingers, weeds, etc. before, the laying down of grass rubber matting in readiness for the installation of the 1st phase of play equipment this month, as well as the delivery & installation of more playground equipment when it has been made - click here see the plan from Fawns Playtime for more detail.

If you have not been to the club recently, you really must as you'll be astounded by the progress that has already been made. A massive thanks to the Committee, especially the Chairman and Vice Chair, for their efforts and support.

We would also like to take this opportunity thank YOU, the members, for your continued support